Yes, cats
Those fuzzy little creatures
That chase rats

Yes, cats
They always want to be
Right where you're at

Soft like silk
They try to drink your milk
And they take up all the space
On the window-sill

Step on their tails
And they will scream
Some days I think that having cats
Is just a bad dream

Yes, cats
They are graceful, they are insane
Running through the house
Like a freight train

Yes, cats
Everything to them
Is a sleeping bag

Bright eyed, bushy-tailed
When you are not
But oh, man, damn!
They sure do sleep a lot!

Scratching and biting
Whatever they please
Especially during summer
When they get fleas

Yes, cats
I've got five of them
On my welcome mat

I heard this one thing
And I know it's true
You don't own a cat,
A cat owns YOU!

jlp August 11, 2008

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snowforest hat gesagt…

Beautiful poem - and a fantastic blog!